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Modern Brands Group Inc.

Modern Brands Group is uniquely positioned to  address the apparel needs of today’s global culture

A full-service brand management team providing our clients and strategic partners consultancy in all phases of apparel brand development including:

Design Services/ Product Development

Production/ Sourcing

Sales/ Marketing

Back Office Operations/ Logistics



Our design team develops full collections from concept to finished garment. Our capabilities include woven bottoms, denim, knit tops and bottoms, woven shirts, activewear, outerwear, dresses, intimates, footwear, bags and luggage for men, women, and kids.


Our clients demand fresh, new product, with speed, efficiency, and globally relevant style. We meet that demand with a constant flow of new product ideas, supported by ability to execute designs into samples with lightning speed. 


Our team has combined, over 30 years of international sourcing and manufacturing experience; our quality, price, trend-forecasting, and speed-to-market capabilities are expert level. Our manufacturing is supported by factory partners in China, Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh.


Our national sales team has the experience and relationships at all tiers of retail, from specialty stores (independents and chains) to department stores to mass merchandisers. We consult our clients and strategic partners on sales and merchandising strategy, including trade shows and sales calendar.


Our marketing team consults our client brands on marketing and brand strategy, including digital and social media presence; brand identity and aesthetics are developed as needed



Our team provides strategic planning on back office operations including management software, warehousing, logistics, etc.




BARRY WHITE: President

Mr. White has been a visionary in all aspects of the men’s apparel industry. He has a wealth of experience in overseeing and managing the design, production, and product development process. He’s been very instrumental in securing strong relationships with our overseas and domestic production partners. “Our goal at MBG is to continue to make our clients our priority and to keep them satisfied.”


GLEN S. FULLER: Managing Director

Mr. Fuller has been a strategic alliance since joining MBG. He has a background in the management and marketing of several well-known music artists. Leveraging our strong relationships in the entertainment industry has been strategic in building brand awareness for our clients, as well as bringing in new entertainment industry clients over to MBG.




Modern Brands Group Inc.

230 West 39th 7th Floor New York, NY, 10018


Fax: 646-859-5668

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